My vision

An artist told me one day in my atelier: ‘You use FABRIC like we use paint on a canvas”.

My passion is

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about fabric and the way it all becomes a wonderful piece to wear. Colours textures, combinations…

The collection starts in white fabric to what will be the BASIS of my work: Pattern of dresses, skirts, pants, jackets and coats depending on the season.

I travel to France and Italy to outsource the latest fabrics that I like. I get back into the atelier and use all the fabrics in joyful colours. Each piece is unique. Each client comes in and finds a pattern of the season; the combination happens then with her inclinations. It is a haute couture offer. Everything is tailored to the client’s measurements and is tried on before delivery.

On this website: you’ll find unique pieces, in one size only.

Call me if you have any questions: (+961 3 431105)

I’ll be happy to show you my atelier and my production